Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is a mildly sweet, soft scone that is great for breakfast. NOTE: I tried posting this note way earlier and then I read the review.. the humidity outside greatly affects the moisture of the dough! I've made this on hot rainy days and I end up having to add up to a cup of extra flour. So keep in mind the flour you add may vary greatly, add as needed.

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  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Mix the flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt into a bowl.
  3. Mix the butter in with your hands, squeezing it between your fingers. The mixture will be crumbly with some chunks of butter.
  4. In a separate bowl, mix the milk, egg, and vanilla together. Then pour it into the butter mixture and mix until just incorporated.
  5. Put a piece of parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Put the ball of dough in the center, flattening it into a disk approximately 8-9 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch deep. (It may help to put some flour on the cookie sheet to keep it from sticking).
  6. Cut the disk into 8 slices. Separate the pieces on the cookie sheet because they will expand and run into each other.
  7. Bake for 20-23 minutes.
Most Helpful

Excellent scones! Made these this morning for my DH and FIL. They both loved them! I followed the recipe to a "T", and sprinkled the scones with some cinnamon sugar before I popped them in the oven. The batter seemed a bit wet, but they turned out great! 20 minutes on the convection setting and they came out beautifully browned on all sides. I floured the parchment paper before putting the scones on the baking sheet, which was a great suggestion. I will definitely be making these again :)

Canadian WesternGirl May 21, 2011

Great tasting scone! Perfect balance of flavors with lots of buttery goodness :) My dough came out a little to wet, so I added more flour, that could have been my error though. Either way they still came out great.

Chef Jean April 26, 2009

These are excellent scones - not too sweet, and with a wonderful cinnamon flavour. Make sure you put flour on the parchment paper so that you can separate the wedges easily! I didn't put enough on, and as you can see from the photo, I had to separate them after they were baked, so they didn't have that neat edge you normally see. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Made for PAC Spring '09.

Katzen April 16, 2009