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These are wonderful! I have never made any kind of bread before so I thought it would be a challenge. The dough was very easy to make. I used a package of active dry yeast, not instant. Be careful how warm you get the water as it needs to be about 110 degrees. If it is really hot it will kill the yeast. Also I put the dough in the oven with the light on and also tried it outside. Both worked well. For the sugar mix, I did 2 parts white to 1 part brown sugar with the cinnamon. It makes it a little richer. She give you ample butter to spread. I didn't use it all inside. I didn't coat the pan with butter; I used butter flavored cooking spray and sugar. The remaining butter I dripped it over each roll because I was afraid of them getting dry. This was a great idea. I used a cream cheese frosting on top. I baked for 27 min and they turned out prefectly. Any longer and they would probably dry out a little. One last note... I baked them the night before and immediately covered them with foil after i frosted them and just reheated them the next morning. In hind sight you could let them rise overnight in the fridge and pop them in the oven the next morning. I was too scared to try it. Good luck.

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Sharon B. July 24, 2014

These cinnamon rolls were delicious. There ended up being fifteen and did not last 2 days in our house. I did make them last weekend with a browned butter glaze because we knew that we wanted to top them with an apple pie filling and did not want to put too sweet of a glaze on them. I plan to make them again this evening with the regular powdered sugar glaze in the recipe. These rolls are bound to be a hit in any setting.

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tonihart420 May 01, 2015

These get rave reviews. So delicious. Ive made them both ways, but I like them better using shortening in the rolls instead of the butter. They seem just a tad lighter and even more delicious, if that's possible.

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Thomas W. April 11, 2015

The dough was very easy to work with, and had the 'light and flaky' texture I was looking for! Not hard to make either!

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djafishfria July 14, 2008
Cinnamon Rolls (Paula Deen)