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Dear users of this recipe! >PLEASE,NOTE! Too hot milk kills the yeast!< Do NOT BOIL the yeast in the milk! The milk should be lukewarm (or fingerwarm) and the yeast will double itself nicely! Dry yeast can stand up to +45 C, but is fine already at +40C. Fresh yeast needs even less warmth. Body-warmth (+37C) is perfect but you can use cold milk. The rising takes longer though! Overnight in the fridge (big bowl) is a brilliant thing for Breakfast Buns! Good luck and have another try! It IS easy! Greetings from Sweden in May 2003 Margareta

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Margareta May 07, 2003

Woohoohoo! Do you know how many years I've been trying to find a recipe for kanelbulle? The first time I went to Sweden, I stayed in a host family & was given some of "grandma's" kanelbulle - I've been addicted ever since! :-)

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hels January 14, 2004

I have tried this recipe twice and its FAILED both times - is 4 teaspoons of yeast correct and do you need to let the yeast brew with the milk and butter mixture before adding the flour - it simply does not rise for me even though I bought a fresh packet of yeast the second time just in case the first packet was out of date.

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Carolinehicks November 21, 2002
Cinnamon Rolls (Kanelbullar)