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I think there is a step missing, wasn't sure where the vanilla was supposed to go, I added it to the egg mixture. I halved the recipe because I only had a stick of hard butter (1/2 cup) and Crisco...I'm not sure if the butter was the cause, but the flour mixture came out very sticky so I had to keep adding more flour (almost 2 c) to it so I could roll it out, I wasn't sure how thick to roll it either, so I rolled to about 3/16", poured the brn sugar/cin mixture and rolled it like a cinnamon roll and cut 1/2 inch slices...the dough was very soft so it was collapsing on me and the sugar mixture was falling out. It didn't look so good, but we liked the taste, once baked the pieces stuck together but they were deformed lol I give this a 3.5 but rounding up in case it was caused by the substitution. I will try again w/Crisco. Oh, maybe I'm just slow, but it took about 30 min to prepare.

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J e l i s a December 06, 2002

These were great! My family and friends loved these. I had a similar problem with sticky dough, but didn't add more flour - just sprinkled a little more on top as I rolled them up. Next time, I might chill the dough for an hour instead of just chilling the Crisco. I frosted these with a little powdered sugar frosting/glaze. Kay Williams really knew her cookies! Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Joy1996 January 15, 2003

I had a slight problem with my dough. I seperated my dough and cinnamon mixtures into two sets for easier rolling but found that my they were falling apart when I was cutting them. Next time I think I'll chill again before I cut the rolls and I'm sure they'll turn out beautifully. Also I only cooked mine for 8 minutes but when all was said and done (save for where they broke from previously unruly dough) they were moist and delicious and will be a nice addition to my Christmas trays. Thanks for a recipe that wasn't just one more every day cookie.

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ktenille December 01, 2006

I really had high hopes for this recipe, it sounded so good. But there were the problems with the directions (when to add vanilla, and how thick or thin to roll the dough). I followed the directions, but the dough was a falling apart disaster; I never did get it to hold together correctly. However, the stars awarded are for the lack of any taste, not for the directions or unruly dough. With the amount of brown sugar and cinnamon called for in this recipe, I expected more flavor. I even used an intensely flavored Vietnamese cinnamon in this. I think there was just too much dough, overwhelming the cinnamon/ sugar. The family was really disappointed with these. :(

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Kay D. December 08, 2004

These turned out beautifully! I can't believe how much they look and taste like cinnamon rolls. After reading the problems with the delicate dough, I only made 1/2 the recipe. I sprayed a length of plastic wrap lightly with Pam and patted the dough out into a rectangle about 1/2" thick. Then I sprinkled the brown sugar/cinnamon over. Using the plastic to help the dough along, I rolled it up. I chilled the dough about 3 hours and then sliced it and baked it off. I only baked them 7 minutes at 400° I let them cool and then as Joy1996 suggested, drizzled lightly with a powdered sugar icing. Thanks, Aroostook, for a different and delicious recipe!

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Sharypat August 09, 2004

These are wonderful I added just a bit of flour to help with the stickiness and reshaped them a bit after slicing. Definitely worth the trouble :) And they were easier the second time I made them.

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eBeth August 09, 2004

The dough was too sticky. I left in the fridge overnight it didn't help. The kids loved the taste of them. I'm wondering if I could use 1/2 cup milk instead of a full cup. I had a similar problem trying to cut the dough it kept collapsing. I'll keep trying till I figure it out.

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lesa33 August 06, 2004
Cinnamon Roll Cookies