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No one had posted a picture of this recipe yet and I wondered why. Well, probably because they were gone as soon as they came out. I was quick to snap a photo before they were devoured! Very delicious. I added a couple of steps: 1.) The recipe did not indicate if the bread was suppose to rise (it had yeast) so I let it rise about 45 mins. 2.) I used pumpkin pie mix instead of the pumpkin filling because pumpkin pie mix already has most of the ingredients called for and tastes just as good. 3.) I brushed my empanadas with an egg wash before baking. This gave it a beautiful shine. Next time a will also try a pinnaple filling. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Chef Sarita in Austin Texas January 24, 2010

Good recipe, reading some of the reviews before trying this recipe and with some helpful hints left out I would suggest that those not familiar with doughs and yeast would like to know that the water need to be about 115 to 120 degrees with an instant read thermometer and with some yeast recipes like pizza doughs, just cover with a clean kitchen towel or flour sackcloth on a dusted surface and let the dough rest for 10 or 15 minutes before dividing. A bench scraper works great for the dividing. Beautiful silky dough. I added 1tsp vanilla and replaced the ginger with cardamom. Really nice!

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Leslie,West Texas March 21, 2011

I just made these as an appetizer for Thanksgiving and they were eaten by non-vegans, except myself. They were a huge hit! I used, by accident, a pumpkin pie can and it tasted really good anyways. It had cinnamon in it already, and I added more so there was a bit too much cinnamon. The wraps were easy to make and delicious. I used canola oil to coat the lining to keep it together, but it did on its own. I could not fit more than a tablespoon in each, so I had a lot of pumpkin leftover. I will take the leftovers and sprinkle sugar on top and eat it as a dessert.

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littledebbie424 November 27, 2008

These were tasty! I did have some issues trying to wrap the dough around the filling. I don't think this was the recipe's fault as much as my own (My g/f had no problem wrapping them, but I'm not the gentlest guy.) A lot of my empanada wrappers were torn and I was afraid that the filling would go everywhere. But the filling stayed inside and there wasn't a mess to clean up! They weren't the prettiest things I've ever seen though.

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ex-NYU 2L February 04, 2008

Easy to make & delicious. I made them smaller by dividing the dough to make 32 small empanadas. They're kid-sized & my kids love to help make them & eat them, too!

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Christy645 December 23, 2007

Made as directed but deep fat fried in 350 degree F peanut oil. They were delicious! I must add I basically love all things pumpkin - non-pumpkin eaters might not be so enthralled...soooo... Sprinkled them with cinnamon/powdered sugar after they came out of frier (amazingly light crispy & nongreasy!) & had for dessert after dinner. They were also good with black coffee the next morning. Will make these again! Oh I made the dough in the bread machine! Thank you, Molly53, for posting this crispy pumkiny indulgence!

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Buster's friend July 24, 2007

My mother used to make these back in the day. She used fresh pumpkin and blocks of mexican brown sugar called piloncillio. One of the best parts is when I would find a cooked pumpkin seed inside. It was so goooooood. Now that her home is in heaven, I find myself cooking her recipes and making traditions of my own with my daughter following. So, thank you so much for this recipe. This weekend I know what I'll be cooking. Let you know how it went.

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latham_l55 February 23, 2007

I'm used to empanadas with pastry crusts. The yeast in this recipe is interesting. I like the lighter texture.

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notmarcia November 25, 2005

Made these for my husband last night. They turned out pretty good! Our house smelled soooo good! He says they could probably use some sugar on the crust to make the crust a little bit more like a pastry. They were easy to make.

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barbgemini1 November 18, 2013

These were okay. I made a bunch for a faux-Thanksgiving meal. I added a bit of vanilla and nutmeg to the filling to sweeten it up. I am a huge baker but I've never baked anything with yeast before. I ended up letting the dough rise a bit between batches and it was easy to work with. I also brushed the dough with egg wash before baking. Completed product was okay but just okay. This is probably personal preference, but I did not like the texture of the filling. (I know, I know, what kind of texture did I think pumpkin has?). The dough was soft and the filling was a squishy too. Just needed a little more contrast for me. If I made this again, I would absolutely add some nuts into the filling!

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Teresa in CO April 10, 2010
Cinnamon-Pumpkin Empanadas ( Empanadas De Calabazas)