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These were very yummy!! They went together very quickly and were easy to make. I used "Bread Machine Basic Pizza Dough" Bread Machine Basic Pizza Dough for the dough. The bread machine made quick work of this recipe. After I cut the dough into sticks and put them on the pan, I let them raise for about 15 mins. before baking. My son and his friend ate 3/4 of these right out to the oven before anybody else in the family got to taste them. Needless to say, they were a big hit. Thank you for sharing this recipe...it is definitely a keeper!!

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Bayhill May 23, 2006

Thanks so much for the recipe. I actually used a Pillsbury Crescent Sheet because that was what I had. The oven took longer to preheat than it took to prepare. I usually think restaurants make better food, but not this time. I think this may even be better than our favorite at Double Daves. Awesome! FWIW, I used a different recipe for the icing. Just about a cup of powdered sugar and a few tablespoons of milk. Start with just a bit, and keep thinning the mixture until it's pourable and the sugar is completely dissolved. Oh, this was so good!

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abbysmomtx February 23, 2013

Just like the ones we pay almost $10 for at our local pizza joint. I used Winco pre-made pizza dough (I can't make dough to save my life) and they were simple, delicious and ready in no time.

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kenjes97 November 06, 2011
Cinnamon Pizza Sticks With Dipping Glaze