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Wow! This is a very simple and yet impressive dessert to serve to guests. I chose this dessert to finish off a mexican themed dinner party for 12 guests, so I doubled the recipe. I made the ice cream balls the night before and froze them in the deep freeze so they would be solid. To serve these, I brushed 3 plain tortillas with butter, cut them into quarters, and then sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar. I baked them until crisp and then let them cool. While broiling the ice cream balls, I topped each triangle with a dallop of whip cream, then added the ice cream, then some additonal whip cream and then a cherry on top. Simple, yet very impressive and a perfect ending to our meal! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

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* Pamela * May 21, 2005

This was very good and sweeeet. Thanks for posting.

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gwynn June 04, 2008

My son loves fried ice cream, but with him being diabetic, he can't have it often. So I made this with low carb ice cream and whole wheat cinnamon toast crunch, he loved it, thanks for a great recipe, I am sure my son will request this often.

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MelinOhio July 13, 2006
Cinnamon 'Fried' Ice Cream