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The list of ingredients indicates 1 cup of vinegar the first time it is used but 2 cups of vinegar in the body of the recipe. Which is it?

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obxgrl100 June 26, 2014

I just finished canning these last night! I had been looking for a 'stickle' recipe (that's what we call them here in 'Burg') - The only real difference I had was to cut them into small 'sticks' instead of rings.. Then I placed them 'standing up in the jar.' But I used everything else on the recipe exactly as listed. My mother in law makes these also, but the recipe is a couple days longer, and it takes a lot more cucumbers. (which I didn't have) I think hers taste a little bit more like 'candy' than mine, but maybe that comes with time on the shelf.. I will have to compare the recipes and see what the differences are exactly.. I would like to make these again, but find a way to make them just a bit more 'candy-ish'.. They are still sweet and good. A nice side to cottage cheese or perhaps a garnish for some applesauce. They kind of put me in the mind of cinnamon apple rings, but I like the texture of these a lot better! Nice and crunchy - not at all mushy! Thanks for the recipe! I'll definitely make these again!

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mmmsweets August 14, 2007

Hi Jellyqueen I had been looking for this recipe for a while now... finally found it and omg! its wonderful! I will be making more every year! thanks again for the recipe Sweetbear

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Chef Sweetbear #518931 June 20, 2007
Cinnamon Cucumber Pickles