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I made a very happy mistake with my first batch and added the teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the dough. Before realizing that it was meant for the cinnamon & sugar mix to roll the little dough balls in before putting on the baking sheets. My second batch I used unsalted butter and left the cinnamon out of the dough. Either way, they are delicious!!

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Khadu'ja November 25, 2012

These were OK. For the first batch I followed the instructions not to flatten but think that was a mistake since the dough didn't spread out on its own at all and I ended up with a pan of lumps that I had to bake about 22 minutes and then the cinnamon chips were burning on the bottoms of the cookies. The next batches I flattened the balls somewhat with a glass and it worked much better, I then only had to bake 16 minutes and they still didn't spread and made quite a thick cookie which my munchers liked. This looks to be the same recipe as #126906 at least the only difference I could see was the name.

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teapotter July 04, 2005
Cinnamon Cookies