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I think the reviewer that had a problem with crumbly dough must have left out the 1cup of milk as I found the dough quite sticky, as it should be for the ratio of flour to liquid written in the recipe. The only problem I had with this was it wasn't as sticky as the sticky buns I've had in PA Dutch country, otherwise it is nice. Quite similar to a British Chelsea Bun with the addition of dried fruit to filling mixture.

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Heather Sullivan March 21, 2007

I had very little luck with this recipe. While I am not exactly sure what the issue was, it seemed to involve both the yeast and the quantity of flour. The dough was incredibly dry by the time I had added even half of the flour and all the manipulation/kneading/mixing I could muster never seemed to get the dough to be moist enough to stick together (very dry and crumbly). I think this may have been what did in the yeast because the dough never rose the first time and I abandoned my efforts, opting instead to tear off chunks, roll them in cinnamon sugar and bake cookie style.

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Alison of the North Country December 17, 2006
Cinnamon Buns (Famous PA Dutch Sticky Buns)