Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Amazing, and low fat as well.


  1. Mix the first three ingredients together.
  2. Once mixed then add milk.
  3. Take the mixture and knead it on a firm surface.
  4. Take 1 tablespoon and roll it into a ball.
  5. Roll the ball into the cinnamon.
  6. Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.


Most Helpful

These are not good for what they are supposed to be. What I wound up with was basically bland, baked, cinnamon bread things almost like baked fried bread. It was not what I thought it would be. Very bland

roselove2357 May 13, 2013

All in all, it's not a bad recipe. My doubts were confirmed after reading the feedback, so I went ahead and tried the recipe, adding an egg, 1/2 cup of brown sugar and two more handfuls of flour to help absorb the extra moisture from the egg. I proceeded as the recipe indicated, and these came out great! I really liked that they are soft yet filling, and that they have no added oil or butter! Thanks, Michelle!

Julala January 20, 2005

worst recipe ever. I don't think this is a real recipe, because it has no butter or eggs. I made it today, and I was gagging from the doughy taste. I'm angry that I had to waste my milk and flour.

hkjenn January 19, 2005

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