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Yum, these are so good! I used a gluten free pancake mix. I did use cinnamon applesauce and one of my strong baking cinnamons, so these were loaded with flavor! This is a keeper. Thanks for sharing! Made for Culinary Quest '14

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Starrynews August 10, 2014

I made these using Apple Cinnamon pancake mix that we had. You can never have too much apple cinnamon! I was afraid that the applesauce might make them heavy. But they cooked up beautifully. Nice and fluffy and perfectly cooked in the middle without being overdone on the edges.

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whtbxrmom February 23, 2015

good cakepops on parade

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Dienia B. September 25, 2014

I made this recipe with no ready made ingredients and I prepared all myself. To make your own pancake mix: 2 cups flour (could be gluten free or other kind you like), 1 tespoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon sugar and 2 good pinches of salt. To make your applesauce with fresh apples: fill one cup with very small pieces of peeled apples and fill with water, than place in a plastic bowl and microwave for 3 minute at maximum power, use he hand blender and let cool down. At this point I have all the ingreadients and I can follow the recipe. Thanks a lot for this recipe and the great idea to add applesauce to the pancake batter! To serve I filled them with caramelized apple sliced, topped with syrup and sprikled with powdered sugar. Made for Culinary Quest 2014

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awalde September 25, 2014

These are very good. I didn't have cinnamon applesauce, just plain, so I upped the amount of cinnamon. They are very soft and tender pancakes. I think they are even better the second day. I might add just a *bit* more pancake mix next time I make them. Yum. Thanks for sharing.

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dicentra December 08, 2008

I liked these for ease in preparation, but, like a previous reviewer, felt they lacked flavor. You wouldn't know that by the fact that both my girls ate 3 pancakes, and Dh wolfed them down. I had to up the amount of cinnamon, since I only had plain applesauce, and I added 2 packets of Splenda since I had 'natural' applesauce. I'll try using cinnamon next time to see if that adds flavor at all. I'll be keeping this one around - thanks for posting.

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knitaholic April 25, 2008

Oh yum! I'm so glad I decided to try this, as it was so simple and tasty. I halved this recipe as there was only my bf and I and I'm super low on groceries and money. This made about 5 medium-size pancakes. I normally don't spray a griddle, but I did this time; using Pam and the griddle at 350 F. I used Bisquick Heart Smart baking mix, Musselman's Deluxe Cinnamon applesauce, and for dietary reasons, Egg Beaters for the eggs and Silk Unsweetened soy milk for the regular milk. They cooked up perfectly, fluffy, and moist. What a lovely smell, too! :) We had these with margarine and sugar-free syrup, turkey bacon, and hashbrowns. This was dinner, and it was delicious. :) I thought the pancakes had the perfect flavor of cinnamon and applesauce. My bf gave this 4 stars also and said they were pretty good, but he cleaned up his plate fast. Thanks for sharing Charmie777, a true treat from the typical pancake. :)

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blancpage June 06, 2007

I gave this recipe 4 stars. My family liked these pancakes. I didn't think they had much flavor. I could taste the cinnamon fairly well. I used Maple Praline syrup which I think really set them off. I halved the recipe because we had these pancakes with what the kids call Sunday Big Breakfast and served these with corned beef hash, eggs, toast, and John's Cheesy Salsa Potatoes, orange juice/coffee. I didn't have lemon juice so I used water in it's place. The recipe doesn't say how many minutes to leave the pancakes on the griddle per side so I did 3 minutes which was plenty of time. Overall these were really good and we will have them again. Thanks for posting! Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut March 04, 2007

They tasted good.

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Kim October 01, 2006

Fantabulous!!! They are really delicious and filling. I only had the plain applesauce so I increased the amount of cinnamon, but made otherwise as written. I was skeptical about using lemon juice, but it actually enhanced the apple flavor. I served mine with butter and maple syrup. Thank you Charmie for a great breakfast!

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*Asha* February 19, 2006
Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes