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A well-written recipe for a delicious jelly. This recipe is easy enough for relatively inexperienced canners since it details every step clearly. I did not have mace, so I put 8 allspice berries in the spice bag. It was sweet and spicy, but I may try a few more cloves next time for an even spicier taste. This recipe makes a gorgeous red jelly that would be ideal for a holiday housewarming or other gift occasion, or just to enjoy!

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Jxenja August 17, 2003

This was absolutely, positively fantastic! Made this to give as Christmas presents. I was given a large bag of Mac apples that I juiced to make and boy did this smell good cooking. Jelled perfectly.. tasted FANTASTIC. Will be making every year!

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CareyLee December 12, 2013

Delicious!!! This recipe has been a big hit within my circle of friends, and even though I'm not an experienced canner or jelly maker, the instructions are easy to follow. My hint is, instead of tying the cloves and cinnamon into a discardable spice bag, I used a large reusable tea ball. I also chose not to include the mace or the food coloring.

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growlieswife February 09, 2009

Today was my very first attempt at canning - a technique I've always wanted to master but either never found the courage or the time, until now - and I have to say I'm very proud of myself! I just finished making my first batch of this gorgeous jelly -- didn't even need the red food coloring as the cinnamon candies gave plenty of color. I used the tiny 4-oz jars, and got 9, with a little bit extra (for the cook!). The jelly sets up wonderfully, and I can't wait to give this as part of my Christmas gifts this year. How nice to be able to say "I made it myself!" Thanks, Aroostook for a jelly recipe I know I'll make again & again. -M =)

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Mary Scheffert September 23, 2006

I made this for Christmas gifts, and it was a huge hit. The color is gorgeous, the texture is great, and the taste was even better than I expected. All my friends wanted the recipe - thanks for a real winner of a winter jelly.

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pheasant farmer January 22, 2005

I love this recipe! It turned out perfect and it tastes divine. This would be a great recipe for Christmas gifts. The ingredients are so simple and there is no prep work. I was tempted to only boil it for one minute, as the Sure-Jell package recommended, but I tested it at 1 min. and it was not quite jelled enough. Two minutes is right on. Thanks for a super recipe that's going in my keeper file!

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Donna M. October 13, 2004
Cinnamon Apple Jelly