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I scaled this back for 4 serves for 3 and 2 ended up eating 3/4 of it (I didn't really feel like it but that is not abnormal when it comes to dessert) and because of dietry needs I did use no sugar maple syrup and the spoonful I did taste was quite delicious though the topping was rather pale. Taking into consideration Mom22LE review I baked with the lid on after putting on the crisp topping with the idea that the last 10 minutes would brown it without drying it but that was not the case so I gave a light spray with canola oil spray and put back in the oven but it took 25 minutes before it started to brown so in making again I think I will stick to the recipe and see how we go. Thank you avocadosammich, made for Bargain Basement.

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I'mPat January 10, 2011

The crisp tasted good, but the topping was not at all cohesive and was quite dry. The ice cream did help, though. ;-) I'd try baking it covered so that the juice from the apples will stay in the topping, or substituting margarine for oil.

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Mom22LE September 19, 2004
Cinnamon Apple Crisp