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These do work in a dehydrator! I have been making them for years though I use regular granulated sugar cinnamon mixture. We have 26 apple trees with 25 varieties, mostly for cider making. We have found that the best apples for dehydrating are the red delicious. Fact is, it is the only way we like the reds. We do not peel them, but rather core and slice them a quarter inch, with a slicer. Lay them out flat, sprinkle with the cin/sugar mix and lay out on the dehydrater. I do mine at 142-144 degrees. And I believe it takes about 10 hours for a batch, rotating the trays at least twice. We have quart freezer bags full for each winter. Our grandchildren refer to them as "grandma's fruit candy." (They also work great without any seasoning and sweetner on them for the grownups.)

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Storrer Cook September 23, 2011

My only regret is that my oven doesn't have more room, these are really good and they made the house smelled lovely. ^_^

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Nicest of the damned October 05, 2011

I wonder if this will work in my dehydrator? I will post an update...

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Lyn Renee September 18, 2011

This is fantastic. My mother in law, who is visiting this holiday season, loves those bagged apple chips that are fried and loaded with fat and calories. Of course, when she has them sitting around, I munch on them, too. I am very excited to make these and see if she enjoys them as much as I anticipate she will. My waistline will thank you, that's for sure! Thanks for posting.

I plan to try some toppings on these, like drizzle some caramel over the cooled chips to mimic other flavors offered by the bagged variety, and also make plain ones without sugar. Maybe try a granny smith for a tart chip flavor.

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yellow_apple30 September 13, 2011

Smelled so amazing while baking!

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LOV September 03, 2008
Cinnamon Apple Chips