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Hey Dancer^, I just had a cup of coffee adding this creamer to it, and may I say... "It sure tasted good!" I did however, add a bit more of the spices to the creamer (an 1/8 teaspoon of each) which I felt gave the creamer/coffee much more flavor. After making this mix, I found it made almost 1-1/4 cups (rather than 2-1/2 cups as stated). Also, when I added the creamer to my cup of coffee (6-ounces), I added 1 level measuring tablespoon. Thank you Dancer^ for posting this recipe, it's one recipe I will be using often.

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Domestic Goddess January 19, 2010

This is awesome! If you like a spice cookie, you'll love this coffee creamer. I also tried some of Dancer^'s other coffee creamer recipes -- all are very good. I like this one best, but my husband loves the Mocha Espresso flavored one.

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Jessica S. June 04, 2005
Cinnamon and Spice Flavored Creamer