Cinnamon and Honey Popcorn

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

From Australian BH&G Diabetic Living.

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  1. Spoon the popcorn into a brown paper bag and fold over the open end of the bag twice to seal and place the bag in a microwave oven and cook on high (100%) for 2 minutes and then remove the bag and shake it and then return bag to microwave and cook on high (100%) for a further 1 to 1 1/2 minutes or until the corn stops popping (will vary depending on the wattage of your microwave),.
  2. Transfer the popped popcorn to a large bowl and drizzle the honey over and sprinkle with the cinnamon and toss to combine.
  3. divide the popcorn between small bowls and serve straightaway.
Most Helpful

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this popcorn. I initially thought the cinnamon may be a bit overpowering, but it was really good. Now, if I can figure out how to add candied nuts, I don't need anymore Cracker Jacks! :D Thanks for sharing, I'mPat.

alligirl February 07, 2013

Great popcorn! It was a little sticky for the DSs, but it did not stop them from eating it. They did ask that I put less of the "spicy stuff" (cinnamon) on it...any seasoning they can see they say it is too spicy. So I will just make 2 batches; one for them and one for me! Made for 123Hits.

AZPARZYCH November 17, 2012

The only problem I have with the recipe is that I can't stop eating it! Oh my goodness - I really did not think this as going to be as addicting as it is. I can deal with the stickiness because that just means I get to lick my fingers. Absolutely a wonderful way to prepare popcorn and so much healthier!! Thanks for sharing this recipe Pat! Made for Photo Tag 2012.

HokiesMom September 06, 2012