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I did not have the Old El Paso Brand items, but if the flavors were different, these were still very good. As the other reviewer said, I thought the addition of 7-Up was the key to making this different from other chicken wing appetizers. I'm glad I doubled the recipe so I could freeze the remaining wings to pass around on Cinco de Mayo!

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Mareesme May 02, 2007

My hubby said give it a 4 or 4 1/2, so I'm giving this a 5, since I deviated from the original recipe and made it a main dish instead of an appetizer! In honor of the 1st of May I decided to make this to get ready for Cinco de Mayo, but only had boneless skinless chicken breasts. Because of this, I'm sure it was not nearly as good as using wings and took longer to make. Adding the lemon-lime soda was the thing that made this a step above other spicy wings. I'd go easier on the sprinkled red pepper flakes next time (I didn't measure!) and would add the green onion halfway through the browning phase, so they wouldn't crisp up. As a main course, we really liked putting some leftover sauce on the rice I made using chicken broth. On Cinco de Mayo I'm going to use what I was supposed to use (chicken wings) and will bring to a party as an appetizer which I'm sure people will find differemnt and tasty...

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melazycook May 02, 2007
Cinco De Mayo Glazed Chicken Wings