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Outstanding flavor; DH unable to wait for it to meld overnight. Very easy to make, too. I used 1 T. cocoa instead of the unsweetened chocolate. Thank you! ETA: I've also made this with lentils (about 3/4 lbs) for meatless meals, and it's still outstanding.

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Debbie R. February 05, 2007

I am so glad to have this recipe!!!!! It was great! I did not have beef bouillon so used chicken....it really needs the beef. Next time I make it I will goose up the spices....may not then be "authentic" but that's ok by me. I thought 1 way was just the chili, 2 way chili on spaghetti, 3 way add cheese 4 way add onions or beans 5 way add onion or beans (whichever you didn't already add. You can check out Skyline Chili Menu at http://skylinechili.com/menu.pdf They also use this chili for "Coney Island Hot Dogs" It is a little richer and more complex than traditional Coney Island Chili. THANKS!!!!

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Ambervim March 05, 2012

Lived in Cincinnati my whole life - this is ambrosia! I do hit mine with an immersion blender for a few rounds to make it thin - you don't want chunks of meat or onion. I keep a crock pot of this for parties with boiled hot dogs and buns, spaghetti and fixin's or layer it with cream cheese, beans and cheese for an awesome dip. Always popular.

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NanciY February 04, 2011

Out of all the 'Cincinnati Chili' and 'Skyline' clone recipes out there, I believe this one is the closest yet to Skyline.. We have one here in Clearwater, and can also purchase it frozen, but being able to make it yourself at home is definitely preferred. (Especially since they charge almost $4 for a chili-dog, and theirs are only like 3" long, lol..) Today we had the chili over spaghetti, 3-way, and splashed with Tabasco, and I think the texture and flavor (and even the color) would rival what you would get in the Skyline parlor. Delicious! 5-stars! Thanks KelBel..

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steve in FL December 16, 2008

I had heard of, but never had, Cincinnati Chili. I also knew that there were strong opinions about the "best" CC. For a certain party -- a NY Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals playoff game (1/09/10) -- I wanted to give it a try. Having looked through the many CC recipes and reviews on Zaar, I zeroed in on Debbie R's and, with my fingers crossed, gave it a try. (FYI: I tripled this, but otherwise, followed it precisely.) It was super-easy to make -- mostly it takes a few hours to simmer -- and the results were fantastic. Although It's totally unlike the many Tex-Mex chilis with which I am familiar (CIncinnati Chili is more like a meat sauce than a stew), me and the other NY'ers who had never had CC all adored it -- especially the three- and four- and five-way versions. It was fun listening to people try to guess the spices as they tasted it. BUT I happened to serve two Cincinnatians and they thought this was superb! (Both asked for extra hot sauce -- so keep the Tabasco out with the other condiments.) (I served this with The Best and Last New York Cheesecake Recipe You Will Ever Try for dessert, which everyone adored too.) Thank you, KelBel!

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Belgophile January 11, 2010

Wow! We moved from Cincinnati to Kansas a few years ago and this is an incredible recipe. VERY similar to Skyline. My husband and 11-year-old daughter were impressed and my husband actually thought this was better than Skyline! The only change that I would insist on is not to add onions to the chili. Real Cincinnati chili doesn't have chopped onions in the chili but they are put raw on top of the chili at serving time along with cheese, etc. I used a little onion powder instead instead of chopped onions and it was great. I also added a little more salt (1/2 to 1 tsp.) and used a pressure cooker (for 1/2 an hour) to cook it faster since the family was hungry and couldn't wait 2-3 hours. Cincinnati chili is supposed to be a little "watery" anyway. We ate it right away and it was great. I'm so excited - now we can stop shipping cans of Skyline in from Cincinnati! Thanks for posting this KelBel!

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tlaidacker January 23, 2008

I felt like one of Macbeth's witches stirring a magical brew as I added the spices to this one by one - each addition brought a puff on new aroma, the colour would change and even the texture (especially after the addition of the cocoa - oh yes, I used cocoa for the unsweetened chocolate). This recipe REALLY reminds me of Ev's Greek Spaghetti Dinner - it's almost uncannily similar in taste and method. I had also soaked and cooked up some black beans, which I added to this. I made up 1 1/2 times the recipe, as my DH is a big chili fan, and I have lots of little tupperware servings of this in the freezer for him to enjoy during the month. Very good.

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evelyn/athens December 03, 2006

We were Cincinnati chili virgins, so we had nothing to compare this to, but it was deliciously different. We all had it 4-way, and we all had second helpings! I used cocoa powder in place of the chocolate but otherwise made it just as written. Thanks, KelBel--I'll make this again!

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JeriBinNC November 12, 2006

I'm not sure that this recipe actually tastes like Skyline OR Gold Star .... It's more like the REAL chili places in Cincinnati ... Blue Ash Chili or Empress Chili, Maybe Camp Washington Chili.... But ... With that said .... This is CLEARLY a 5-star Cincinnati Chili recipe. .... This is AS GOOD AS IT GETS ... But to be clear ... there are no onions "cooked" in Cincy chili ... (use onion powder if you like the onion flavor) ... The onions are added as a 4-way with onions OR beans. and for the Coneys ... It is a steamed hot dog and steamed bun with onions, mustard, chili and Finely shredded Mild Cheddar cheese (Although I use Sharp for more flavor) ... This recipe is TOP NOTCH!

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Jack A. September 26, 2015

We just had a Super Bowl chili cook off in my office and this recipe won in a landslide! Everyone was impressed with the combination of all the spices. Great on a hot dog with shredded cheese.

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gordo.1955 January 29, 2015
Cincinnati Chili