Cilantro when You Need It

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Ms B.
Recipe by chiclet

I was trying to figure out how I could use up a rapidly wilting bunch of cilantro and I came up with a way to freeze it. I use an ice cube tray so they are single serving size for a burrito or rice and beans or whatever. You can also stir a couple cubes into black bean soup. You can do whatever you want, because now you have cilantro all the time

Top Review by Mamas Kitchen Hope

Worked well and the cilantro was MUCH better than dried but not as great as fresh. What is the purpose of the tomato and garlic? Can they be eliminated? Thanks!


  1. Place ingredients in food processer bowl and process until it has a pesto like consistency. In other words, you don't want it to be cilantro juice.
  2. Line an ice cube tray with saran wrap and spoon cilantro mixture into tray. When frozen, transfer to a freezer bag or container.
  3. Wash your ice cube tray otherwise your ice will be cilantro-flavored.
  4. To thaw a single cube for use in a burrito (or whatever), microwave it for 20 seconds or add it to the frying pan about a minute before you're done cooking.

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