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cilantro-y! switch out herbs and nuts for a different experience -- basil (and a little parsley) and pine nuts, mint and almonds (leave out the garlic and add a little sugar, and you have a sweet sauce)... etc. garlic powder is your friend. if something tastes flat, load it on. also - you can toast the nuts yourself. buy them from the bulk bin so they're cheaper, place them in a dry frying pan, and heat over medium heat while stirring constantly. don't walk away from this!!! keep going until they smell good and have barely started to change color (unless they're naturally dark).

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  1. place all ingredients EXCEPT OIL in food processor or blender.
  2. turn the machine on and add the oil slowly until it looks smooth-ish. process a little longer, scraping down sides until everything is combined.
  3. store in an air tight container, covered with a layer of olive oil to prevent browning.
  4. add a few tablespoons to your favorite pasta, or use as pizza sauce.

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