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WOW! This was amazing! I LOVE sweet potatoes and can eat them baked right out of the oven. My mom usually makes the standard sweet potatoes with marshmallows for Thanksgiving but this year we were going to skip it b/c 4 out of my 12 guest have diabetes. I found your recipe and made it and EVERYONE LOVED it...this will now become our new family "standard" sweet potato side! Thanks for sharing!!

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vanessah2o December 16, 2009

Hey Toni!! I found this recipe on a vegetarian board but found yourswhen I came to submt my newfound treasure! So, you get a review instead! I used my handy dandy pampered Chef microwave steamer for the sweet potato cubes. We really enjoyed this recipe & it was very easy, delicious & healthy. Happy Thanksgiving!! Long live DPG....xoxo Bethie

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Elmotoo November 24, 2007

I will be making these sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, perfect holiday side dish! I used canned sweet potatoes that I drained and rinsed and did not add the allspice, didnt have any, so added a bit more nutmeg and cinnamon. Apple juice worked well for this but if you want a richer deeper flavor I would go with the cider. The dried cranberries plump up nicely and add a light tart flavor to the potatoes. Wonderful, thank you for posting toni! Served with Nimz recipe #Recipe #53133 and enjoyed!

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lauralie41 October 14, 2007

My original comment from 12/25/06 was: I really enjoyed this one. I loved that I could do the first step of boiling the potatoes the day before and then leave them in the fridge. I pulled them out before dinner tonight and did the rest. I used sparkling apple cider and left everything else as written. This was sweet and had lovely texture. A pretty addition to our holiday table. Edited to add that I took the leftovers and put them in my food processor until the sweet potatoes were fairly smooth but there were still cranberry chunks. I then used it to make Sweet Potato Biscuits. They didn't rise much (I think the recipe might need more leavening) but the taste was fabulous! So this is a recipe that does double duty for me. Thanks toni!

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ladypit December 29, 2006

This would be a great side dish for a holiday menu! It tastes like it should have much more calories than it does. It's sweet, but the tartness of the cranberries keeps it from being sickeningly so, and the spices add 1ovely flavors.

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echo echo December 11, 2006
Cider-Glazed Sweet Potatoes With Cranberries