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I have been enjoying this bread for several years now and wanted to comment in response to some folks who have had trouble with the stickiness. It IS sticky, and I usually don't have time to be bothered with shaping sticky dough into loaves, so my solution has been to pour the dough from the bread machine pan directly into a lightly greased 9x11 pyrex. Then (with oiled hands) I push and pull the bread to spread it evenly across the pan, trying to be as ginger as possible so as not to lose the lovely air pockets. Then I cover it with a tea towel and slide it into a warm oven to rise (a minute at 200 degrees usually does the trick). Then, pull it out to preheat and bake as usual (maybe a bit longer than normal due to the thickness of the "loaf"). I realize that the finished product isn't nearly so traditional, but it has been a simple, fool-proof solution for me, and makes a tasty pan of bread! Thanks for the great recipe!!!

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AlaskanAmateur November 03, 2010

I wanted to clear some things up on this bread for those who have never made it before. The batter will be VERY wet, it is tricky to handle, for it to bake the way Ciabatta should do not treat it like other breads, you need the wet dough, do not add flour to it, also avoid overhandling the dough, after its rise you need to handle it with a very light touch (like a baby as they say in Italy) so that those precious air bubbles we worked so hard to get dont break. Ok, so you handle it carefully, with well floured hands you pull and stretch the dough into a rough rectangular shape, dust the loaf and your hands with flour again, then neaten and plumpen the dough with your fingers tucking the sides under to create a fairly tidy appearance. I will post a pic (making this again tomorrow) of the dough in its uncookes phase so everyone can see how it looks. If you have never made this before it can be unnerving LOL. So, wrinkled, messy, lumpy flat looking dough that is sticky and unmanageable is normal, dont worry! ;p

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Eadaein December 17, 2005

easy and delicious. made just as posted except that i separated the dough into 6 steak roll size portions and used them - fresh and hot from the oven - for philly cheesesteak sandwiches. because the dough was split into 6 smaller portions, i only had to let it rise 20 mins the second time. they turned out perfect!! my hubby said twice that he thought the bread was awesome! a keeper recipe, for sure. thanks for posting.

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SReiff January 09, 2010

This was the very first bread I made in my new breadmaker and it came out perfectly. I had dough not batter, but I did use real bread flour as the recipe recommends. I used some of the other rater's hints: Left it in the machine with it unplugged for the first rest period, shaped it into dough right onto my baking stone, and sprayed the plastic wrap with non-stick spray. The results were fantastic! The only thing I didn't do was spray the crust every 5 minutes. Based on the finished product, there was really no need!

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jessicalhaney January 02, 2009

Great recipe! Instead of placing the dough on a lightly floured board in step 3, I have been letting it rest in the machine. I just unplug it after 10 minutes. Then just pour it into the shape of the loaf. It seems to work fine, and less to clean up!

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marcvh1 February 24, 2007

I really don't know how this recipe had gotten so many good reviews. I followed it exactly and it came out an awful mess. The bread did make somewhat of loaf but there was no flavor to it at all. I am really disappointed. I've never had any problems with any other breads that I've made until now. Won't be doing this one again.

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CabinKat October 20, 2009

Lovely bread - I made it exactly as described... well, I did replace one cup of white bread flour with wheat bread flour. I definately think spritzing the bread while in the oven is important, and I also had a cast iron pan in the oven with water in it, too. Thanks for the easy recipe - I'm using it as a base for one of my ZWT recipes! PS - definately read Eadaein's review on how to handle the dough - I'm very glad I did!

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Katzen May 11, 2009

I found the original recipe and it says to make the dough into a 3 X 14 loaf not 13 X 14. morhttp://italian-baking.suite101.com/article.cfm/ciabatta_bread_bread_machine_e sense.

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Susanna2014 November 24, 2008

This makes a flat loaf of bread..I wouldn't call it a loaf. It is tasty and easy but I'd rather do some work and make bread that looks like bread. I've purchased chiabatt many times that actually looks a lot like a loaf of Itallian Bread. This is not it. If you want a bread to serve with dip or cut open or to make buns with maybe it would be fine. It was not what I wanted.

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A Cook in Illinois July 09, 2008

I really did not enjoy working with this wet dough at all.

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mel0908 December 31, 2007
Ciabatta Bread