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my bread making skills dont go beyond a good pizza crust. tx for sharing this recipe. this made the spongiest most excellent tasting bread ive ever made. and on that note. i think i will try it for a pizza crust. y not? outstanding.

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Bilal S. August 26, 2015

Wow this was a little intimidating for a fairly new bread maker. The dough was exactly what you said it would be, like mudd with the long strings of gluten. You definitely can't use your hands with this one. We loved the taste and texture of this. I made a new recipe with this which was grilled vegetable cheese bread and it was great. The photos are in the photo forum requesting help because I'm not sure I got the shape right. It certainly doesn't look like DH shoes lol Thanks EV.

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~Nimz~ September 16, 2006

evelyn . . . I've found a rich source ! Made the Ciabatta this afternoon. Am having Feta and Tomatoes sandwiches tonight . . . Like the way you write a recipe . . . Had to fiddle a bit with the Ciabatta to get the proper consistency . . . mud-like and stringy . . . may cut the flour a bit next time. The taste is great. The texture, finer than I had expected. Read through many of your recipes . . . added 4-5 more to my "try" file. Thanks for being obsessive compulsive. I am too. . . . am an installation artist in the NW United States. Kids are grown . . . have two grand kids . . . am taking care of my Mom (84) who has Alzheimers and whistles 8-10 hours a day. I do Yoga . . . this helps the flow of energy . . .

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Chef sp8 January 24, 2006
Ciabatta (An Italian Bread)