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The meat filling in this dish is a FIVE!!! I'm giving it a 4 because I had a couple of issues. At first it didn't look as though there were any herbs or spices in the recipe - none are shown in the ingredient list. In reading through I saw that salt, marjoram and paprika were to be used but there was no specific quantity or range indicated. I just kept adding all 3 until I liked the taste. (I really, really liked the taste :) My second problem was the pastry. I freely admit to purchasing pastry 9 out of 10 times but could not find a 'short crust' pastry in any local stores. I picked a short crust recipe that had great reviews and went from there. I now think I hate short crust pastry! LOL. I blind baked the shell as directed but became a cropper adding the lid. Pressing the edges together was a mess. I don't believe one can do that with one part partially cooked (and therefore VERY brittle) and the other raw. The taste was wonderful but there was no way I was taking a picture as the pastry crumbled all over the place. It was great eating though and I will make it again without blind baking the shell. Brushing the inside with egg white should be sufficient to stop the bottom from becoming soggy.
Made for Food.Commandos ~ ZWT 7

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K9 Owned June 28, 2011

DH ate half the pie! What else can I say? I loved the addition of the bacon and wine. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT7

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Dreamer in Ontario June 21, 2011
Churer Fleischtorte (Swiss Meat Pie)