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This is the BEST Blue Cheese Dressing I have ever tasted! I can't believe I actually made this in my own kitchen! Absolutely incredible! I was in the process of making it and realized I didn't have in fresh buttermilk, so I was on my way to the grocery store to pick up some. I tasted the dressing without the buttermilk and decided - why make the trip? If it tastes this good without the buttermilk - I can't even imagine what it must be like with it! For now, I'll keep and review it without the buttermilk, and next time I will make it with. I don't see how I could go wrong! All I can say is WOW!! I will NEVER buy bottled blue cheese dressing again! For that matter, I couldn't get better in any fine restaurant. Luby, this one is a 10 star winner! Thank you so much for sharing your excellent recipes with us on Recipe*Zaar! — (posted Mar 8, 2003, 8 members found this helpful) .........As an update, Luby, I just wanted you to know that 2 years later I am still making Luby's Famous Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing. I buy the buttermilk now ; ) and this recipe is still the BEST I've ever tasted!! I thank you for posting this recipe every time I serve this fabulous dressing.

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Bev June 08, 2005

Wow!!!! This is an excellent recipe. I've made it three times in 10 days...maybe the newness will wear off, but we can't get enough of it...we've been eating salad for late night snacks, just to enjoy! Super if you're doing low-carb! Here's what I used: Hellman's Reduced Fat Mayo Breakstone's Reduced Fat Sour Cream You would NEVER know it was reduced fat. We had company and I felt compelled to tell them it was reduced fat so that they could enjoy it all the more. The reason I've mentioned brands, is because I think mayos/salad dressings and even sour cream brands can vary so much...thought it might be helpful to know what was successful for us. For Worcestershire sauce, we used Lea Perrins 2 times, and a generic once, and noticed nothing different. We used fresh squeezed lemon. As written, the recipe is thick like pudding, or dip. In fact, this would make a great base for making different dips. But for this recipe, I actually used as much as 1 and 1/2 cups of buttermilk when all was said and done, as we like our dressing to be slightly pourable rather than gloppy...and it's still extremely thick with all the buttermilk I put in. So feel free to add buttermilk to any consistency you prefer, you will not diminish taste at all. AND, it thickens more in the fridge. I was dubious about the qty of sugar, but I used Splenda equal to 1 1/2 tsp the first time and let sit overnight. The next morning decided to go ahead with the last 1/2 tsp of sugar and I liked it even better. It's not a "sweet" dressing even with that amt. The 2nd two times I made the recipe, I used agave nectar equal to the 2 tsp sugar. (U need less agave nectar and it's lo glycemic.) The 1st & 2nd time I made the recipe there was an underbite that was bothering me...not heat or spice, just something a bit too sharp that didn't mellow overnight, and left a bit of aftertaste after dinner. I think it may have been the fresh grated onion, as mine may have been very strong, or perhaps the garlic. I'm not sure. The 3rd time I made the recipe, I used 1 tsp of onion powder and no fresh minced garlic. I cut the white pepper to a scant 1/2 tsp, as white pepper can be sharp. That unpleasant bite was gone in the 3rd version with no loss of flavor whatsoever. For ease, the onion powder was helpful, as grating part of an onion was just a slight pain, although I probably don't have the best grater for that. Mostly, because the onions I get seem to be inconsistent, I think I'll use onion powder in the future. All the other ingredients, I did just as written, including the tabasco and cayenne. It's not spicy. We love spice, but with blue cheese dressing, just a bit of tang is all most people want, I'd think. I highly recommend Rosenberg's Danish Blue Cheese. Only problem is, it comes in 4.5 oz containers...but get 2 and put them both in...it's even better with more cheese! To me, that's the nice thing about making it yourself. Some bottled ones are SO chintzy on the cheese. If we're going to bother making it, it's nice to have it just a bit over the top! Enjoy! Luby, I'm sure we'll be making this for the rest of our lives!

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moramor January 07, 2008

This is the first time I have ever made homemade blue cheese dressing....I cannot believe how good this is compared to the brand I usually buy...The only think I changed is used splenda for the sugar and Lowfat may and sour cream....love love love it...

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CIndytc April 19, 2010

Tres bien. Wonderful dressing please forgive me Luby but I used reduced calorie mayo and sour cream and less bleu cheese! But everything else the same. Now I am going to check out your other recipes. Thanks

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mellen2 May 10, 2003

absolutely DELICIOUS! i made a (very) light version with fat free sour cream, fat free mayonnaise, and laughing cow light blue cheese wedges, and, IT IS STILL DIVINE! i'm in the process of making the switch to all homemade dressings, and this one is definitely at the top of my list. thank you, so much!

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Froggus. August 03, 2011

OMG tis is so good! I couldn't wait 24 hours, so I had a little tasting after I mixed it and it was so good! You're right - I have never had bleu cheese dressing from a store this tasty!!! It is even better after the 24 hour refrigeration period. I used the powdered buttermilk and used chili powder because I didn't have cayenne pepper. Down here in the South we just love our Duke's Mayonaisse so that is what I used of course along with fat-free sour cream (that is what I had on hand). If you like bleu cheese dressing - you have GOT to try this!!! I doubt we will ever buy it from the store again. THANK YOU Luby Luby Luby!!!!!!!!!!

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ramsey_penegar August 10, 2010

Outstanding - I've found the perfect blue cheese dressing for my family! I followed the recipe exactly as written, and I wouldn't change a thing. It will be a staple in our fridge.

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PanNan April 22, 2003

Exactly what I was hoping for!!! I was craving a wedge salad but I hate the taste of store bought salad dressing. I was yearning for something that would rival a great blue cheese dressing from a really great steakhouse. I did a google search and found this. I am so happy with this recipe!! I splurged on some really, really good blue cheese dressing, I purchased some Applewood smoked, thick cut bacon and a head of iceberg lettuce. Then I got to work. I whipped up the dressing, which was super quick and easy. This dressing is outstanding!!! My only suggestion would be to make sure you don't over process the cheese in the food processor. I would have liked some more bigger chunks, but now I know for next time. My salad was so good I almost licked the bowl.

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Lisa H. August 16, 2016

I might have forgotten the stars the last review I submitted. Apologies... Best recipe....I've had so much success with this that I'm afraid to change anything. :D

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Tessawin July 10, 2016
Chunky Blue Cheese Salad Dressing