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As much as I love raisins & as many apple & raisin pies as I've made, I've never even thought of including raisins in applesauce! I did cut the cider back to 1/2 cup, used 5 good-size apples & increased the raisins to a little over 3/4 cup! I combined the apples, honey & cider & cooked that mixture for almost 20 minutes, then somewhat mashed half of the hot apples, while leaving the rest as tender chunks! THEN, I added the raisins & lemon juice & left the applesauce to cool in the pan (while the raisins were plumping up)! End result ~ A VERY NICE TASTING APPLESAUCE! Thanks for a great new way to fix this tasty stuff! [Tagged, made & reviewed in the current Comfort Cafe as part of the theme "Sassy Cider Sauces"]

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Sydney Mike July 06, 2009
Chunky Applesauce