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I called this chummy yummy holiday chocolate chip pie - using half semi-sweet chips and half green-red swirl white chips. Very pretty & very tasty.

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MA HIKER December 22, 2007

I definitely can verify the Yummy part of this recipe! I made this for a recipe-sharing family potluck dinner w/DH's brother & his family where I was to bring a starter, main course & dessert. All dishes had to be kid-pleasers for the benefit of their 5 & 6 yr olds. I could not imagine a better kid-pleaser than this pie & I was so right. It was served w/ice cream & they loved it! Can it be our little secret that it is a darn good adult pleaser too? There were 7 of us to feed & you might ask (looking at the pic) how I managed to get 7 nearly identical servings easily from a round pie. If you wondered, then I succeeded when I cut it in 8 slices, secretly devoured 1 & then rearranged the remaining 7 in a circle on the serving plate. No one had a clue the pie had been pre-tasted, but I had to do it for the rating process. Right? You got yourself a 5 star winner here forgiven. Yum! HITYL?

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twissis October 08, 2006
Chummy Yummy Chocolate Chip Pie