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As the name implies, this is a festival treat: there are too many flavors in the mix for an everyday staple. Mixing and proofing technique dates back to a time when unpasteurized wine would have provided the yeast, and could probably be streamlined somewhat given that dry yeast is used. Adding more liquid to dough that had already formed, and then mixing in all the nuts and raisins, can be an effort; of course, if you're making it for family Christmas, that's a labor of love. Finally, trying to accommodate the pan of water that simulates a brick oven, I placed mine too close to the upper elements and it came out pretty dark, so in the future I'll bake it fifty degrees cooler than instructed or arrange the oven differently. All said and done, this is a delicious treat, robust and filling, festive and rustic all at once. Made for Zaar World Tour 9.

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Lavender Lynn July 26, 2013
Christopsomo (Greek Christmas Bread)