Christmas Morning Jewelled Muffin Mix in a Jar

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

Delightful festive spiced muffins, studded with jewel coloured fruit and nuts - just the thing for Christmas morning! I love all types of "mixes" in a jar! Soups, biscuits, spices, cookies and cake mixes etc! However, this muffin mix is my favourite - it makes a wonderful gift, or I make it for us, as it looks so pretty & festive sitting in the kitchen waiting to be baked! Try to use really colourful dried fruits with a good mix of tastes and textures. For those of you who cannot source Mixed Spice, an essential ingredient, I have a recipe posted on Zaar: Mixed Spice - Traditional Old Fashioned English Pudding Spice. This muffin mix is always popular as a gift, and I do try to find unusual shaped jars and hand-made paper or card for the baking instructions. A wooden spoon tied around the neck of the jar is another winning idea - and don't forget the Holly sprig!

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  1. Layer all the ingredients in a 1 litre/2 pint glass preserving jar in the order the ingredients are listed.
  2. Write the following method on a gift label:.
  3. 'Tip the contents of the jar into a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre and add 2 beaten eggs, 300ml/1/2 pt milk and 100g/4oz melted butter. Mix quickly and lightly to a soft batter. Divide between 12 muffin cases. Bake at 190C/fan 170C/gas 5 for 18-20 minutes Use within 4 weeks.'.
  4. Attach the label and a wooden spoon to the top of the jar with some raffia or coloured ribbon and a sprig of holly or seasonal herbs. (I like to use Bay leaves!).
  5. Look out for attractive clear jars - either glass or plastic - to show off the layers of the muffin mix - I like to use Kilner Jars.


Most Helpful

I'm not staring this recipe yet, I made the mix up today and will bake in a few days. When I do that I'll rate and add pix of the finished product. Looking good so far though. I have used candied lemon peel, currants, dried cherries and dried apricots. I'm making it for Photo Tag. *UPDATE*: It's a week later and I baked the muffins this morning. They are marvelous! (and the aroma of the spices when you open the jar is pure heaven! I thought I had made a mistake somewhere when I added the liquid ingredients to the mix as it was really thin. I decided to trust the recipe and it turned out beautifully. I made 6 double size muffins and let them bake for an extra 5 mins. They are moist and simply yummy! My only suggestion would be to be sure that you use the full amount of spice and if you are a spice fan, extra wouldn't be amiss. Thanks FT for a recipe that I'll likely be using for many holidays to come. Made for Photo Tag.

Annacia December 17, 2007

Well this was as easy as a figgy pudding to put together. FT you have lifted me up off the floor because this recipe allowed me not to panic one moment longer about giving gifts and what to do etc. This was absolutely perfect! I haven't made it yet, (just put all the really beautiful ingredients into nice jars, tied with ribbons and attached recipe. I can just tell by the aroma, this smell like the holiday season. As I mentioned earlier, I had been given a gift of all the dried fruits listed so I just added the rest of the ingredients and viola! A gift to go. Perfect, and I will be making like 20 more of these. Thanks for posting FT!

Andi of Longmeadow Farm December 17, 2007

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