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I was wondering if I should risk it since there are no reviews yet. I followed the recipe except 2 things: I didn't add pecans (didn't have any) and baked for 1 hour 10 min. Are you sure the original recipe says over 3 hours? My cake started to become dark brown after 1 hour so I thought there may be a mistake in the posted recipe. Besides I've never heard of any cake that needs to be baked for 3 hours. I made it last night and tried today with coffee, it is really tasty, fruity but not too sweet. I think it would be even nicer with pecans. Now, I made a small mistake, didn't spray the tin properly and now it looks like the cake doesn't want to come out easily. Instead of risking taking it out and breaking it, I'll pour a few teaspoons of brandy and try what's it like in 4 days (Christmas). The other cake (I made 3) I'll pour brandy on and keep for 4 weeks, like in the recipe just to find out how much it improves. Btw, I heated Curvoisier brandy and soaked my raisins in it for 24 hours before adding to the dough. Thanks for posting!

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eva_anita December 21, 2011
Christmas Keeping Cake (Fruitcake-Like, Less Fruit)