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I requested this recipe when I couldn't find my own. It was just what I needed. So simple and so good. Looks great in a small canning jar to be given as a gift. I used flavor oils: lemonade, licorice, and cran-raspberry.

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eBeth January 03, 2003

Just some tips for making hard candy: Omit corn syrup, can make mixture too hot, causes sugar to scorch. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to every cup of sugar you throw in the pot, this prevents re-crystalization of sugar. Add 2 tablespoons of corn starch. This can help to make the candy less sticky in areas where you deal with high humidity. Add food coloring at 260. Take mixture off heat at 300, let boiling action cease, add flavoring. Stir it in, put a lid on it for a few minutes. Pour candy onto a silicon mat. I place mine inside a cookie sheet. Let this cool off a bit, maybe 10-15 minutes. Once candy has cooled, take cookie sheet and pour off excess oil into sink. You can then pick up and stretch it, then form it into neat shapes, Candy canes too! After a few tugs, you'll get a nice opaque shiny color. Be careful about this, although candy is cool to touch on surface, it is still very hot underneath. Slip on a few disposable gloves to avoid blisters.

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ucah0neybee January 09, 2006

This is great candy and very easy. Watch out if using cinnamon oil or other equally aromatic oil - the vapor can be irritating to eyes, etc. when you first put it in (this could be a duh, but I'm a novice!). Thanks for a keeper.

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TJ Witt December 23, 2005

I needed a "coal" recipe for a gag Christmas gift, and tried this out. I used black Wilton paste coloring, and strawberry extract for flavor. I think I would increase the strawberry extract from the two tsp called for, as there was very little flavor. After breaking up the candy into "rocks", I liberally dusted them with powdered sugar, and they really look like pieces of coal!

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Nonnie4Two November 21, 2005

When I make my hard tac candy, I spray pam in the tiny little ice cube trays,be easy on the pam you do not have to spray every time.

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mb11 July 30, 2006

This recipe was really easy. At my first attempt to make hard candy was a success. I couldn't find oils, but used extracts and it work fine. Although, I'm not sure if it is elevation, or stove type, but It took much more than 30 minutes to bring the mixture to 300F. I would like to know though how hot to run the stove. I also wasn't sure how fast to heat the liquid. I did it slow and it worked well. The kids loved helping since it was so easy!

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Busfault December 24, 2004

This is an awesome recipe! I have made this every Christmas for the last couple of years and everyone always really likes it! I have never added the powdered sugar though - maybe I will try that out this time!

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anonymous December 18, 2010

This is the recipe I have made for 20 something years. I make 100 quarts of this every Christmas for dh and kids to give away to co workers. I always make cinnamon and look forward to making some other flavors as mentioned by reviewers here. Thanks so much!

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WildWaysPaige October 20, 2008

This recipe was great for the first time making it. Someone said that the pieces were sharp for children to eat. I was ponder this statement of how to make it safer and decided to use a pastry cutter. I took the pastry cutter and wiped it with a light coating of oil. As the candy was cooling off I repeatedly scored the candy into squares using the pastry cutter. Be aware that the candy cools on the outside edge faster than the middle. Keep scoring until the center is cooled and the candy holds it's shape. This process is difficult w/ a foil pan. Alluminum or metal pan recommended. Once the candy is cool it breaks easily just by lightly dropping the pan on the counter top.

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dschmidt December 16, 2007

Actually I have been making hard candy for the last 15 years....I found a much easier way and so much faster way of making this....put everything but the oil in a glass microwave bowl...cover tightly with saran wrap...micro on high 6 minutes...take out and stir and put back in for another 6 minutes...be careful as very hot...take out and stir and add oil and coloring....pour out on greased and powdered cookie sheet...let cool and break up in pieces...so much faster this way just be careful the oil does not overpower you as the cinnamon flavor is really strong when added....

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CIndytc October 27, 2005
Christmas Hard Candy