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I made this for our Christmas dinner dessert table and it was very good. With the dried cranberries/craisins I used instead of cherries it looked very pretty and festive. My only concern (and it may be my fault not the recipe's) is that I used finely chopped white Callebaut chocolate instead of the white chocolate disks and we ended up with a fairly solid 1/2 inch top on this thing. You can cut through it with the serving spoon (even when its cold) but the chocolate in no way melted. It is still sitting on top with the craisins and raw sugar decorating it. Having said that, the flavour is marvelous and I will make it again. I will try using the cheaper melting disks though (hate the flavour....oh, what to do??) and see if they sort of melt more into the dessert. Or maybe I'll stir the chocolate into the dessert before putting the craisins and sugar on top.Or even omit it all together. Thanks for posting. I did get many compliments on this.

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Marysdottir December 26, 2007

Can I just tell you that this is one of those desserts that is outrageously good. I'm talking can't stay out of it good. The raw sugar on top is an absolute necessity. You end up with this creaminess from the custard, chewiness from the cherries, and this incredible crunchiness from the sugar. We were ashamed of ourselves for eating so much of it. I added 3/4 c. bailey's because I'm such a huge fan. Unbelievable, incredible, to die for good. Forget serving it warm. It was awesome warm, but it was just as awesome cold for breakfast. I'm almost relieved it's all gone. I felt like an addict, sneaking in, full of shame, to get another bite.

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Bogey'sMom October 21, 2007

This dessert is simply divine. It is absolutely glorious, festive, and perfectly delicious. I used a combination of high-quality bittersweet and white chocolate chips, plus dried cherries and the results were perfectly gorgeous and delicious. I found this recipe while looking for a new 'Christmas dessert' and it was such a hit I think it will be a permanent fixture in my family's Christmas tradition. Do add bittersweet chocolate chips to the recipe - the chocolate is a very nice touch, and I think I will also reduce the sugar next time as well as this is indeed very sweet. I also used half-and-half instead of heavy cream, and it was still very rich. Note: since I went ingredient shopping at about 4:30 PM on Christmas eve, all the croissants were sold out so I used two of those Pillbury bake-your-own tubes of croissants, and it worked out great.

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cm2530 December 25, 2013

This was a huge hit on Christmas Day with my entire family!

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lbrown December 28, 2007
Christmas Croissant Dessert