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FABULOUS but really hard to get the triangles to fit on top of one another. Keep jelly or whatever filling you are using away from edges so they seal well. Just thinly slice the almond paste and placed it on the triangles and it was terrifc and saved a step. Remember that you need a really big pizza pan or huge baking sheet as this is very big sun!! Scrumptious!!!

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mstuart727 December 25, 2008

Yum! Made this for My 3 Chefs, Almond Paste theme. This is easy and tasty. I did not add in the raspberry jam. I did sprinkly on slivered almonds in between the two applications of glaze. Also, I accidently bought almond filling instead of almond paste. The filling is more like jam and I just spread it, probably easier than having to roll out paste and I found the flavor exceptional!! The only reason this gets four stars from me is that I am geometrically chanllenged and it took me way too long to figure out how to lay out the dough (I looked on Food Network and there wasn't a better description, in fact it was more confusing). I'm still not sure I did it the same way Whisper or Sandra Lee did, but whatever I did worked. A picture of the dough layering would make this a 5 star recipe!

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Mrs Goodall November 09, 2008
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