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This is absolutely delicious and so easy! I used Annacia's idea and made Classic White Bread (abm) in my bread machine on the dough cycle. I followed your recipe exact, except baked my bread in a 9 x 5 Pyrex loaf pan. Good thing, too, because I didn't seal my seams good enough...some filling leaked out into the pan. Temp and time were perfect. Note of caution: DO NOT cut your bread until it cools! (I know it will be an unbearable wait, but trust me!) I couldn't resist and after about 15 minutes, I cut my loaf in half to get a pic and chow down. Unfortunately, a bunch of the filling starting pouring out because it was still hot. I pushed the halves back together and left it for a little while. Then I carefully sliced a piece from one of the ends and tried it. Spectacular! I'm not sure if I ruined the middle of the loaf by slicing too early, but this bread is delicious and the filling is what makes it. Thanks much! I will definitely make again but wait until it cools before trying to cut the loaf! (Made for 1-2-3 Hits)

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Karen=^..^= January 10, 2009

Lainey, I just love your recipe. This is another 5 star. I made the dough with Classic White Bread (abm) and just spread the butter (heart healthy fat type margarine for me), the brown sugar (1/4 cup Splenda Brown) and the cinnamon. Also I added a few raisins just because I have a lot! I skipped the glaze to avoid all of that sugar and honestly I don't think it was needed. It's a very sweet treat without it.. I cut some holes in the top to show off the filling and baked it on convection @ 325 F for about 40 mins. The cinnamon aroma while baking was pure heaven. Made for Santa's Secret in Photo Tag.

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Annacia December 28, 2008
Christmas Cinnamon Loaf