Christmas Cheer

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Very red and cheerful. Great for people who like both martinis and girlie drinks.

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  1. Drink makes one and the pitcher makes 8 (unless the drinks are large, then maybe 5-6).
  2. Mix and serve over ice.
  3. Happy holidays!
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5 5

The more I drunk, the drinker I got! Smooth!

5 5

We made this for a neighborhood Christmas party and everyone liked it. One neighbor said it was too good:). I did put in a little more cranberry juice so it wasn't quite as strong. We will be making this again at our New Years party.

5 5

This was a total hit for my Girl's Dice night game! Of course some were complaining the next day they had too much "Christmas Cheer", but they loved it just the same! For those who felt it was a bit strong, we splashed some Sierra Mist in to cut it. However, most everyone drank it as is! Thanks for a great recipe!