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This rub was really good! I added cumin and a touch of liquid smoke and allowed to marinate for a couple of hours. Grilled on the Foreman and served with tortillas, grilled onion and mixed bell peppers. Delicious!

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Napagirl November 19, 2008

I was looking for a steak fajita recipe, but i didnt have the spices to make it. So i decided to just look for a flat iron steak recpe(that was the time of steak had on hand.) Well i hate having to change a whole lot of stuff before i even try a recipe but i had to in this recipe... Like i dint have any balsamic vinegar so i used apple cider vinegar. i also didnt hav any oregano so i just didnt put it in there.. I cooked it inside on the broiling pan the oven because it was raining, I cut it into strips after letting it rest, i added it to sauted onions and bell peppers.. and put it on tortilla's and they were delicious.. I will make this again.. next time i will make it according to the recipes. also i might add some brown sugar to that marinade

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ChrisM March 29, 2008
Chris Jericho's "rubbed Flat Iron Steak"