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Talk about the ultimate 'man food'! ;) My husband was having a poker game, so I whipped up a double batch of this. I didn't have poblano chiles, so used some chipotles in adobo sauce with great results. I won't go so far as to say that this is the most attractive dish I've ever laid eyes upon. As my husband noted, "I think I've seen that at 2AM when I was a very young man out drinking all night!". Whatever it looked like, it tasted *great*. I sampled one taste to make sure it was okay, then followed it up with a second just because it was really good. It took great restraint to save the rest for the guys. Fabulous!! (I should also note that I left this sitting on the stove on 'low', until the guys were ready to eat. Apparently, it the cheese seemed to clump back together, and they had to jack the heat back up until everything was smooth again. DH suggested perhaps subbing some of the cheese with monterey jack, or something that seems to melt a little bit better. Whatever you do, make sure it is still warmed up enough when you eat it!)

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s'kat January 27, 2003
Chorizo con Queso