Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Burritos - OAMC

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

Chorizo is a Mexican sausage. It's high in fat but it's very flavorful so you don't need much of it. If you can't find it, substitute bulk pork sausage and add 1 t. taco seasoning. It won't be as good, but you'll still have a filling breakfast. If your family is larger, you may want to double this recipe but you'll need a very large skillet. Bonus - these burritos were a huge hit at an early morning tailgate party - we kept them warm in a pan sitting over some simmering water.

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  1. Cook chorizo - In wide skillet, saute chorizo sausage, stirring it and breaking it up so that the finished product is small and crumbly. Remove to paper towels to drain. Clean skillet of any blackened bits.
  2. Prepare egg mixture - Whisk together eggs, salsa, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Don't add water or milk because you want firm scrambled eggs.
  3. Scramble eggs - Pour the egg mixture into the hot skillet (add a bit of butter if necessary, to prevent sticking) and scramble the eggs. When the eggs are nearly done, turn down the heat and add the drained sausage and shredded cheese; remove from heat.
  4. Heat tortillas - Put 5 tortillas between damp paper towels and microwave 45 seconds. Repeat for other 5 tortillas.
  5. Assemble - Put egg mixture onto warm tortilla and roll up. Place each completed tortilla in a piece of waxed paper for easy freezing and removal.
  6. To reheat - microwave 2 minutes at 50% power.


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You can substitute 'Soy-Rizo' for the chorizo. It's vegetarian, and much lower in fat and calories than chorizo, and gives the burritos that wonderful flavor! It can be found in most grocery stores with the refrigerated veg products (like soy cheese, tofu, etc).

Rosie_C October 09, 2008

these are so good. my husband LOVES them. he goes to work really early and he always has his eaten before he's out the door. I added 3 extra eggs to my recipe to make them more filling. I also used tapatio hot sauce instead of the salsa. I can see I will have to make these on a regular basis.

viviansmomma January 20, 2012

I make these and freeze them regularly!! Makes for a quick yummy breakfast and everyone who has tasted them has enjoyed. Thanks!

905569 August 24, 2009

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