Recipe by Hannah Petertil

These icy treats are made even better by the tropical fruit typically used. However, if you're access to ripe tropical fruit is limited, feel free to riff on this Colombian classic.

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  1. Crush your ice in a food processor until it resembles the ice flakes of a snow cone.
  2. Layer ice in both your glasses a little past half way (use a clear glass for the full effect). If you like your Cholados extra sweet, drizzle sweetened condensed milk around the glass before you add the add to the glasses.
  3. Cover the ice in your fruit syrup, you can make the fruit syrup with whatever fruit you like, but strawberry, raspberry and blackberry work especially well.
  4. Layer your fruit in the glass, use about a quarter of what you have in each glass.
  5. Cover in condensed milk and add the remaining fruit, splitting evenly between the two glasses.
  6. (If you really want to be an over achiever, you can make a second fruit syrup with passion fruit or another sour fruit and add that at this point).
  7. Top with more more crushed ice. Drizzle fruit syrup over ice (the berry variety).
  8. Garnish with more fruit!

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