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Wow! is the best description for this cake. We had this for dessert for mother's day and I got the best present...2 unsolicited "I love you" from DS for making this cake along with a plea to have it for dessert tonight! He loved the chocolate and oreos. I ended up using 17 Oreos in the filling. I also wasn't sure how much chocolate was to be used in the glaze. First I put in 1 bar (2 oz), which is in 4 pieces, but that didn't seem to be correct with the amount of butter. I ended up using 4 bars (2 oz each for total of 8 oz) and it worked but makes more of a frosting than a glaze. I put the cake in the refrigerator to set the frosting. Just remember to take it out of the refrigerator in time to come to room temperature or the frosting doesn't always cut/break in the the manner desired. LOL

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Ducky May 15, 2006

This cake was Sooooo delicous! My entire family loved it. And it was pretty easy to make.

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Kerry Ciulla February 28, 2006

When I saw this recipe in the Kraft magazine, my 5-year old grandson was sitting next to me and exclaimed, "I want that cake, Grandma." Needless to say, I made it for the little chocoholic. He loved it. I thought it was a very good and easy cake to make. Although, the glaze didn't set up as thick as I thought it would. I did take the precaution to refrigerate the cake, as it has cream cheese and whipped topping in the filling. I will make this again.

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SweetSueAl January 16, 2006
Chocolatey Cookie Cake