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I made a version of this for my son's first birthday cake, but I omitted the nuts and cherries. I also used whole wheat flour rather than rye (my son hadn't had rye yet). I used maple syrup instead of honey and reduced the brown sugar to one cup. Instead of the glaze, I frosted it with a lightly sweetened cream cheese and whipped cream frosting. He loved it and the small taste that I had was very moist and flavorful. A MUCH better alternative to typical sugary cakes. I plan on making this as written some day, but wanted to include my version in case someone else is looking for a lower sugar cake that is perfect for baby's first birthday.

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Noochie Mama March 12, 2009

Made this recipe pretty mush as written & had A REALLY WONDERFUL CHOCOLATE CAKE EXPERIENCE! I did include the nuts & chips & used the buckwheat flour! Then, when it came time for the glaze, I used orange juice instead of the water & added 2 rounded teaspoons of orange zest along with the powdered sugar! I left the 'glaze' as a side so you could use it or not, as you liked, & believe me, WE ALL LIKED! Thanks for sharing a really great cake recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed as part of my Yam It Up! theme in the current Comfort Cafe]

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Sydney Mike July 16, 2009

tasty. but i think i do prefer a more spice flavored cake when it comes to zucchini and sweet potato... i would omit the cocoa powder next time and put in more cinnamon and nutmeg and ginger probably

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cUte Kitty pUnk July 25, 2013

I can't believe I never reviewed this! Doh! Like many other reviewers, I made it (along with a healthed-up St. Paddy's Cupcakes--Green Velvet Cupcakes) for my son's first birthday, and it was a smash. From this recipe I got a 9-in round cake and a slew of cupcakes (they were Bob the Tomato and some French Peas, respectively ;>) from it. I know I used some oat flour and ww flour along with AP, and reduced the oil by subbing in some applesauce. I, too, reduced the brown sugar and I used about 1/2 c cherry craisins instead of cherries. I also left out the nuts since I was feeding it to little guys who weren't all in good chewing form LOL. Thanks SO much for posting, Rita. It really was just perfect for my little man's big day!

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smellyvegetarian June 04, 2009

This has become my favorite cake. I made a few small changes. A whole cup of oil seemed like a lot to me so I used a 1/4 cup and added a banana and 1/2 cup of applesauce. I used whole wheat flour instead of buckwheat. I didn't use pecans, I did use chocolate chips, I used rum not hot water and I didn't rehydrate my cherries. This cake is so moist and flavourful. If I don't tell people what's in it nobody would guess how much produce is in it, that's if I'm willing to share in the first place, I've managed to eat an entire cake to myself in just a couple days.

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Kapihopela October 28, 2008

I made this cake as a 'baby cake' for my son who is turning 1. I lef teh honey out completely, used hot water, not rum and did not add nuts or cherries at all (or chocolate chips). I also did not use the glaze because I wanted traditional buttercream. I used the Wilton recipe for buttercream using all butter instead of shortening and butter. This cake was definitely sweet enough without the honey and everyone really loved it. I was asked for the recipe many times and people are still commenting about it. I will definitely make it again. My son loved it!!! Oh...and I used the buckwheat flour. I baked it in a springform pan, cut the cake in half to create two layers and frosted and filled it with the buttercream. Yum!

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hollygollygee December 27, 2007

Wonderful! This cake is very moist and sinfully rich. I decreased both the cherries and pecans to 1/2 cup each. I did add the chocolate chips. This cake was so rich I choose not to add the glaze.

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PaulaG July 09, 2004
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