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As written, not inspiring except to feed Weight Watcher dieters who could count it as dairy. How can you effectively adjust the sweetness prior to adding the yogurt? I used whole milk, does that account for the bland output? I thought this needed a much more distinctive chocolate, perhaps bittersweet. When I unmolded my panna cotta, it was bland. I could have sprinkled sugar on top (as I normally treat plain Greek yogurt), but if only the instructions had suggested to pour more Hershey's chocolate syrup over the panna cotta in a decorative design (as my photo shows)! This was an experiment, because this recipe was SO EASY, but I think I need to work a little harder for my chocolate panna cotta to suit me. Made for Rookie Recipe Tag.

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KateL December 09, 2013
Chocolate Yogurt Panna Cotta