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Sorry, I don't typically give bad reviews, but this may help somebody that was looking for what I was. I was hoping for a cake like cookie and fluffy light filling like my Mom used to make. Instead, the cookies are more fudgy and flat and the filling is definitely not fluffy, but more sugary creamy consistency. Overall a much flatter and denser whoopie pie then I was looking for

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flightnurse February 20, 2007

I thought these cookies had excellent flavor, but either I really screwed up or the recipe needs some serious tweaking. The cookie part turned out really fudgy, more like a brownie than a cake (I personally liked it). I dumped probably a 1/2 cup more flour into the dough before I could begin to roll them. I also added a whole cup to the filling before I could get it to even begin to stay on the cookie. I didn't want to add too much sugar and make them too sweet, so I cut the cookies in half and then frosted them (worked pretty well). I had the best success scooping out the middle and (using a piping bag) stuffed each cookie. These turned out the best. Great starting point, but definately could be improved.

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Simonich December 31, 2007

I made these to take to the office for a St. Paddy's Day lunch. I tinted the filling green. They dissappeared fast! What a hit! They are much less sticky and oily than traditional whoopies. The office demands that I bring these in again soon.

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Noreaster March 16, 2007

These were better the next day after they softened up in an air tight container. They were a bit stiff and dry after being so sticky to roll. Required a lot of work to roll. Made them for Valentine's Day party at my daughter's school with pink filling. I don't know that I'll be making them again. Sorry.

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ktenille May 23, 2011

I think that these taste fine, but it was not what I was expecting at all. When I think of whoopie pies, I think of cake like sandwiches. These are nothing like that. Also, it says serves 36? Perhaps I did something wrong, I rolled it in 1" balls and I managed to only get seven total pies.

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beromail March 04, 2010

Great recipe. This is lower in fat than the recipe I'm used to making. I made these for my granddaughter's girl scout troup and they were a big success. I don't know if I made my cookies larger than the recipe (I used a cookie scoop to get a uniform size), but I only got about 18 fully assembled cookies out of the batch with ample frosting inbetween. This will definitely be my "go to" recipe in the future.

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Claudia Dawn February 22, 2009

I gave this recipe 5 stars for three reasons- they were easy to make, they were way healthier then any other recipe I could find and they tasted great! The dough was rather stiff at the end of mixing. So, they rolled out into balls just fine. I made the cookie part the night before. I made the filling, I used a Seven Minute Frosting recipe, the day of the party. I assembled and refrigerated a few hours before the party. They held together just fine. My only complaint would be the quantity of servings stated. That was way off, like others have said. I rolled my dough into 1 inch balls and flattened them pretty well. I ended up with 40 two inch wide cookies. I needed 40 'pies' for my party. So, I used a serrated knife and sliced each one open, like a hamburger bun. Then filled them. They were really the perfect size ( see my photo with three pies and a quarter on a plate for reference) just a couple of bites. I just had a Whoopie Pie for the first time last week in a restaurant. I loved the idea, but theirs was terrible! Thanks to Parsley, mine rock!

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Julie P. February 17, 2008

Moist and yummy are two words to describe these wonderful little gems. I only ate part of one, but my men ate two. They don't taste low fat at all, although they are very filling! I made just as stated and found they were quick and easy. Next time I think I'll add some color to the filling just for the fun of it. Thanks for sharing.

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Molidol May 27, 2007

My niece Margaret made these yesterday. Didn't have time to make the filling so we made icecream sandwiches. Delicious!!! Thank you Parsley, for a winner.

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LorraineZ May 17, 2006

Cake /cookie recipe was too fudgy & dense,not fluffy,and the filling was too heavy.

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orthogoddess December 07, 2015
Chocolate Whoopie Pies