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Delicious and such a nice change in the morning! I love that it is not a sweet bread, but a wonderful hearty, nutty loaf with treasured surprises of gooey chocolate inside. Perfect with morning coffee. Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe.

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moxie July 01, 2003

Very good. I really didn't want any walnuts in it so I replaced that with more chocolate chunks, probably only a half cup though. It was very rich and buttery, but I think I'll add another tablespoon of sugar to the dough next time because I would like it to be a bit sweeter. It's like a chocolate chip cookie in bread from. I'll definitely be making this again, thanks.

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89240 June 21, 2004

What an unusual bread! I've made it twice already. Once as directed, and the second time, being a confirmed chocoholic, I added about 1/3 cup of cocoa to the flour and mixed it up really well. I also used mostly semisweet chocolate chunks, along with some milk chocolate chunks. When I took a loaf to work, it was totally devoured within 10 minutes! The only thing I had a bit of a problem with was stirring down the dough and adding the chocolate and walnuts at the end - it's a stiff dough, and is just a bit tricky to incorporate the goodies into the risen dough, but it's totally worth it! I'll be making this recipe often - thanks, Jane.

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Lizzie-Babette February 12, 2004

I had a little trouble making this recipe, as I'm somewhat new to bread making. Wasn't sure how to mix it (with a spoon, beaters)? I don't have pastry attachment on a mixer or anything like that. I ended up using my bare hands (what a sticky, buttery mess, but it worked). Mine also did not really rise (after 2 hours). Went ahead and divided it, but my loaf pan was too big (10x5), so I made 1 big loaf. Had to cook it longer b/c it was big...so then the outside was a little overdone. But still, it was very tasty. I'd definitely try it again...wondering about making mini-loaves for gifts...and I'd increase the chocolate. I liked it, thanks!

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firealarmqueen November 12, 2008

Gorgeously good! My friends raved about! We love the fact that it is not sweet. Hubby wants another slab of it right now! Thanks for sharing!

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption March 24, 2005
Chocolate Walnut Butter Bread