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I have attempted this recipe (twice). I'm not sure if it's just me not getting the conversions right for US measurements, or if it is the recipe itself. Tried once with bitter chocolate and once with semi-sweet chocolate (it does not specify). I did not use nuts either time (I just don't like them in desserts).
Also, it would be really helpful if there was a temperature listed for baking (I did 350* F) and if it included a recommended baking dish size (I used an 8x8).
It looks fine, and tastes okay, but something is just a bit off (I can't quite put my finger on it). So, on my own personal rating scale, I'm saying 3 stars, because it does have potential.
Fair warning... this is not a "quick, easy, step by step recipe"...
Maybe I will attempt it again in the future and tweak it.
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P.S. It was a fun, frustrating and challenging recipe. Thank you xNatx for sharing this reciipe. And a special thanks to Mianbao & Ish for the conversion help and for trying this recipe along with me.

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rosie316 March 13, 2013

I quite like these brownies, but that I got something I liked was more because of luck, than because of the recipe. There is too much information missing from this recipe - the type of chocolate (sweetened or unsweetened), the size of the baking tin, the temperature and time to bake. These are basics for a recipe, no matter how good the finished product, I would not be comfortable assigning 5 stars for a recipe that is so incomplete. I used bitter chocolate (Lindt 99% Cacao), a 6-inch square pan with baking paper, at 165 degrees C (325 degrees F). I toasted the walnuts lightly before chopping them. The brownies are cake-type, but pleasantly moist. I also am grateful to rosie316 for sharing information to help me succeed with this recipe. I want to thank the recipe poster for an interesting experience.

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mianbao March 11, 2013
Chocolate Walnut Brownies