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I mixed up the cookies exactly as specified and diverted from there. I did not chill or roll out the dough. I preheated the oven to 400F. I have Calphalon baking sheets (14x17, dark, heavy aluminum) and lined it with parchment paper. I used a disher (2 teaspoon size) and dropped the dough onto the cookie sheet with spacing of about an inch. The cookies expanded a little bit but did not flatten out thinner than pancakes. I did not care how the finished product looked because I was using the recipe to get chocolate wafer crumbs. I ate a bit of dough before baked and a couple of cookies after baked (nice refreshing flavor without being overly sweet. I let the cookies cool and let them sit overnight in a covered and sealed container. I dumped the entire batch into a food processor and processed until fine crumbs. Measuring the mixture (minus my taste testing), I got approximately 2 cups of crumbs from a single recipe. The recipe is a keeper in my opinion and will probably use it again for the "chocolate wafer crumbs". As for any leftover crumbs, they are definitely going on top of a bowl of ice cream when that urge comes up.

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Timothy C. March 13, 2015

I ended up adding an additional 1/2 cup of flour and the dough was still too soft to work with. As I was planning to crush these cookies for a cheesecake crust, this didn't bother me too much when they fell apart transferring them onto the cookie sheet. 400 degrees in a fan forced oven is too hot - they burnt around the edges, so the second batch went in at 350 and fared much better. They taste good.

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tropicaltrisha December 24, 2012

OUT OF THIS WORLD COOKIES!!!!! It is also the most GORGEOUS dough I have ever worked with...Loved it!
Made a couple of batches, no problem at all!!! Ice cream sandwiches, cookie crusts and cake! Yummy! Thank you so much!

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gabrielapeterson_12775772 May 21, 2011

So I made these once years ago substituting cocoa powder for the additional two tablespoons of flour. From what I remember, those turned out great. I made them again today following the recipe almost exactly, although I ended up using an extra 1/2 cup of flour to get the dough to a workable consistency like another user had reported. The dough ended up like the smell and texture of a tootsie roll. It did chill, roll out easily between two silicone liners, and bake up quick and crisp. Sadly, there's only a hint of chocolate. Maybe this was due to the additional flour but I have a feeling that two ounces of chocolate really isn't enough to provide the intense flavor of an oreo wafer. When I make them again, I'll be sure to include the cocoa powder like my first time.

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tyk April 07, 2015

Great cookies! I made them to use for a chocolate cheesecake crust and it was wonderful! Decided to make it again tonight... and being super tired, I mis-wrote the amount of milk... and I added 1.5*cups* uh-oh. I was going to throw it out, but my roommate said to just go with it, and i did!! I added 1 more cup of flour and 2 more ounces of melted chocolate and voila! yummy cake! (I made a couple cupcakes to taste it and no complaints other than it being a little fragile). i pressed it down flatter in in the pie pan because i still want to make my cheese cake, so here's to hoping it holds up well enough!!

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lrn2trvl May 13, 2011

Excellent! I made one small adjustment to the recipe...for time saving and clean up...Substituing 6 TBPS of European cocoa and 8 TBPS(4oz total for recipe) for the chocolate squares...they turned out perfect. Thin, crispy with a just a hint of sweet. I have over 40 recipe books, including ones just for chocolate- and had not found one that had this recipe. Thank you!!!!

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Hollyblue March 30, 2011

Great for making the ice cream sandwiches!

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JanetLee52 August 27, 2009

These wafer cookies aren't supposed to be puffy, but are supposed to be kind of flat like the chocolate coating on a regular ice cream sandwich. This cookie recipe works great and we have enjoyed Linda's Ice Cream Sandwiches several times now that the hot weather is here using these for the cookies. Thank you!

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Amanda's Pantry! July 06, 2009
Chocolate Wafer Cookies (Like Nabisco Chocolate Wafer Cookies)