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Used Kahlua and Caillebaut chocolate and your recipes like caillebaut are becoming a fixation for me you really put out good stuff Petitfour, I find that you have usually covered the permutations either giving us a lot of possibilities or challenges to draw outside the lines and keep it as good. hmmmm....

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Lulu B September 29, 2003

Doubled the cream (for a lighter mousse), used 1 1/2 tsp instant coffee (no instant espresso on hand) and didn't add Grand Marnier (didn't have any liquor on hand) but otherwise followed the recipe. The extra whipped cream created a bit lighter/fluffier texture and the coffee added a nice subtle undertone. I doubled the recipe and got an excellent dessert dish and filling for some crêpes the following morning. Thanks for posting!

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Two Expats in France March 07, 2009

When made as written with 1/4 cup cream, this is the consistency of a chocolate truffle once it sets up in the frig and just as good. I used Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur. Don't forget to add the cream of tartar to the meringue as it's not mentioned in the directions. Scrumptious and, as stated by P4, versatile.

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sugarpea December 18, 2004
Chocolate Velvet Mousse