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I want to know what magic keeps these cookies so smooth, creamy and truffle-like. These are GREAT cookies! Not the prettiest cookie in the world but the truffle texture made me forget all about that. They don't spread at all so you can place them very close together on the cookie sheet, saving a lot of baking time. I used my small cookie scoop (making them about 1" across and high, but with a flat bottom) and got about 65 cookies. It only took 3 cookie sheets and 30 minutes to bake all of them!

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sugarpea December 14, 2003

I made these for a treat for the staff at a local restaurant we frequent last weekend. One of the chefs came out to get the recipe. He said it was the best cookie he'd ever tasted. Enough said.

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AllisonMc March 25, 2004

These went great in a basket I was making up for a sick friend. She took a bite out of one and grabbed the basket and literally hid it from her DH lol. They are delicious and I look forward to making them for my Christmas trays this year!

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Kookie Kathy September 22, 2011

nice sinfully rich cookie but not quite what I was looking for. Mine didn't hold their shape but hey, it's chocolate...they'll get gobbled up in no time.

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lilquiz December 16, 2007

Worthy of the butter in my opinion. Good looking, nice size, rich but not hurt your teeth sweet. Weird measurements to get to EXACTLY 45 cookies but I appreciated the counting. It really does help. I can't see anything that might make these cookies any better, other than some pecan pieces. We Texans will eat cowpiles if they have pecans in them. ; <)= I want to see how they keep for a few days as I would like to ship some to pay off a couple wagers. I found the worlds best Oatmeal Raisin cookie recently and these simple chocolate wonders along with some Toll House with chopped pecans ought to do the trick for most any lost bet!

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Rainbowelp December 13, 2007

My daughter (11 y.o.) and I claim these as our FAVORITE (of all time!) cookies, and would cheerfully eat these for every meal for a week! We use MINI chocolate chips as they do a nicer job of it! My daughter is quite adept at making these, too...so it's a safe recipe for a child to make!

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Debber January 30, 2007

I made these cookies to add to my Christmas trays and they were a huge hit especially with my BIL. They were a little rich for my blood but very delicious. Thanks for a great recipe.

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ktenille December 10, 2006

I really enjoyed these, but my husband ate one and thought that they were too rich. I tried rolling them in various things before baking, and decided that I liked them rolled in plain, granulated sugar the best, although all the options were fine...sprinkles, coconut, powdered sugar and cocoa powder. I will make them again. I don't mind if dh won't eat them...more for me!

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Shawnee TX December 22, 2004

I was kind of confused after making these cookies. My first batch I cooked in the oven for exactly 10 minutes, but they felt and tasted like they were done, but then I thought maybe that's were the "truffle" comes into play. My oven seems to always require more cooking time than whats specified for any recipe I try so that's why I was confused wasnt for sure what it's intended texture supposed to be like. Second and third batch I cooked for 17 minutes and I loved them that way. They next day they werent stale or hard. They were soft and yummy.I dipped some in multi colored sprinkles and some in shredded unsweetned coconut, I loved the coconut ones.I am glad I made these cookies, I will make them again. Thanks for the recipe.

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chef FIFI March 28, 2004
Chocolate Truffle Cookies