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I did cover the cookie sheet with foil before laying the crackers down. I also used Ritz crackers - that's all I had on-hand. These were terrific! Very addictive. Made these again with saltines and we actually prefer these made with Ritz! Thanks for easy sinful recipe!

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Mommaof2Beauties December 21, 2009

Even though I messed it up by accidentally putting the chocolate chips in it before baking, everyone loved it. I will call it a very kid friendly treat. They love helping me make it and eating it (I give it 5 stars for them... I guess I would say 4 stars). Thanks for the recipe... my roommate in college made this and it was fun to do an ingredient search and easily find it.

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Chef TanyaW August 23, 2011

Love this recipe! I have also used Graham crackers. Both lead to a wonderful and easy treat. The biggest trick is you can't use margarine, you must use whole butter or they won't set right.

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Coley02 November 30, 2009

This is sooooo good!! I have used saltines, graham crackers and reduced fat club crackers - all with equally good results!! I think I like the club crackers best. I usually put a layer of chopped almonds over the cracker layer before the toffee layer gets poured on. I could truly eat the entire pan of these - they are that addictive!! So simple and so good. No one believes how easy they are.

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pixiesmom April 07, 2010

This is excellent! Totally easy. Didn't have any problem with it sticking in the cookie pan lined with foil (which also made it easy to pick up to break into pieces even though I had to let it freeze for 2.5 hours before I could get back to it). I went a little crazy and mixed some white chocolate chips with the semi-sweet brown chocolate ones... then sprinkled crushed caramels and crushed candy cane on top of the whole thing (about 1-2 tbs each) as I was "cleaning up" from making several types of candies this morning. I'm pretty sure I could founder myself on this candy, it's that good. It's darn sure easy!!

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TJ-Montana December 09, 2009

Easy and delicious, this is a family favourite. Inexpensive enough for functions, yet tasty enough to look great packaged in a box or tin w ribbon. Def use butter, not margarine. Amazing Reviews from all!

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KatieO April 09, 2015

Delicious and addicting! It was easily put together the hard part was waiting the hour for it to cool. The milk chocolate chips made it real sweet so next time I'll try semi sweet. Thank you!

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drinkmore January 15, 2015

When my mom made cupcakes and had extra frosting she would frost up saltine crackers - I looked forward to the saltines more than the other treat - so naturally when I saw this recipe it reminded me of her and I thought I'd try this to share on our christmas dessert table. WOW!! So easy and just like the others said, completely wonderful flavors. I used double chocolate semi-sweet chips and then some crushed up candy canes on top for a minty flavor. If I could, I'd give these a 10 star rating. Thanks for sharing - it will be a new family favorite

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kelster2 November 16, 2014

This stuff is amazing. Instead of boiling on the stovetop for 1 minute and then pouring on the crackers and bake for 7 minutes, I've always boiled on the stovetop for 3 minutes and then baked for 5. I doubt it really matter which way you do it, but what DOES matter is that the butter/sugar mixture actually BOILS for 6-8 minutes so don't count the part where everything is still melting together as part of your cooking time. If it doesn't cook long enough your toffee will turn out with a little bit of softness/chewiness instead of being crisp. I line my jelly roll pan with foil and then lightly spray with cooking oil so they're super easy to get out. I prefer milk chocolate chips to semi-sweet or dark chocolate but certainly use whatever you prefer. Also, right after I spread the chocolate chips, I sprinkle with sliced almonds that I've toasted in a dry pan. Delicious and pretty!

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tsee December 23, 2013

OMG these are so good. Way too quick and easy, making it seriously dangerous for me. My family and friends loved this. I followed the recipe except I used whole wheat saltines because that's what we had in the cupboards and added a sprinkling of coarse kosher salt to the tops while chocolate was still wet. YUM. I will be making this again soon. Thank you.

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Nado2003 December 09, 2012
Chocolate Toffee Candy Cookies (Saltine Candy)